Corporate Health and Wellness. Prevention is better than cure.

Health costs associated with employee trends in corporate health in Canada have been rising dramatically over the last five years. Rather than suggesting the usual cost control solutions, Medisys works with companies to introduce preventive corporate health and executive health programs that actually reverse those trends.

The Medisys Corporate Health Program offers companies the most efficient and comprehensive way to manage their employee health and reduce medical absences. We retain the top medical experts in their field, from General Practitioners to Surgeons and Advanced Diagnostics. This means organizations will have a highly experienced medical team as part of their employee wellness program. Helping employees stay healthy has a positive impact on day-to-day job performance. It also helps long-term corporate planning. When employees are able to achieve a better quality of life, they are happier and more productive, with an optimum work – life balance.

Medisys provides preventive corporate health and employee wellness services in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Quebec City.

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“I cannot say enough about the Medisys Corporate Health Care Program. And all of my colleagues actually look forward to our physicals because they chart everything. I personally have 10 years’ worth of charts.”

– Dick Glassford
Vice President of Human Resources
General Paint Corp.

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Increase employee productivity and decrease health-related costs


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Let our corporate health experts be your guide to help reduce your health-related costs, mitigate your corporate risk and increase your profitability.