Immigration medicals

Everyone who applies for permanent Canadian residence or some who apply for temporary residence need to have their health evaluated by a certified immigration doctor. It’s a Citizenship and Immigration Canada requirement.


Medisys has a team of certified immigration medical physicians who can conduct immigration medical exams as well as any medical procedures required for your immigration category.



Typically the complete
examination takes between
30 and 90 minutes.



What to expect during your immigration medical

Immigration medical exams include a physical evaluation and, depending on the protocol required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, you may undergo laboratory and radiology tests. Typically the complete examination takes between 30 and 90 minutes.

Our commitment

Applying for permanent or temporary residency in Canada can be an exciting and stressful time. Medisys understands this and is committed to providing you with the expertise, care and support to help you through the process. Our services are delivered with the utmost respect, and we’ll provide clear answers to any questions you may have.


Service locations

Montreal Immigration Medical Exam
(X-rays offered on-site)
500 Sherbrooke St. West, 11th Floor

Toronto Immigration Medical Exam
95 St. Clair Ave. West, 12th Floor
416-926-6464 x 2264

Vancouver Immigration Medical Exam
900 West Hastings Street, Suite 800

Your medical report

Once your physical evaluation is complete and the results of any tests are in, your medical report is sent to Citizenship and Immigration Canada in Ottawa by registered express mail.


You will receive an answer directly from them. The Medisys physician is not informed about the outcome of the application.