Making A Wellness Plan Part of Your Foundation For Healthy Living & Aging

Dr. Vivien Brown

Writing down your goals will help you get there!

Are you someone who plans your next career move?  Or does your company require a work plan from you or your team? Planning is an essential part of our everyday lives and yet, its likely that many of us are better at planning our work and career goals than creating a wellness plan for ourselves.

There is a well-known study conducted by Harvard in the 1970’s that asked graduate students whether they had set clear, written goals for their future and what plans had been made to accomplish them. Interviewed ten years later, the ones that had written goals were earning on average then times as much as the others who either had no goals or had had goals but had not written them down.

It seems clear that creating and writing down your health and wellness goals and referring to them throughout the year, will likely yield a healthier you and foundation for healthy living and aging.

So if you want to take charge of your well being, here’s an outline of some of the areas to consider in creating your wellness plan.

Assess your current physical and medical state and what you could do to improve or make changes in these areas.

  • Do you get regular physical check-ups?
  • How often do you exercise?
  • Do you drink and how much.
  • Do you smoke?
  • What is your weight and BMI?  Are you overweight or underweight
    and by how much?
  • How much sleep do you get a night.

Review your current diet –how closely does it conform to the current Canada Food guide or the Mediterranean Diet or the Mindfulness Diet?

Your mental health/wellness

  • How would you describe the level of stress in your life and in what areas?
  • How well do you cope with the stress?
  • What do you do to cope with stress?

Social Connectedness

Experts conclude that the more socially connected you are in a positive way with others-family, friends etc., the more supported you feel and emotionally balanced.

Assess your level of social connectedness with others

  • Do you spend time with friends and family?
  • Do you seek out friendships?

Brain Fitness

The more frequent and complex your cognitive activity the less likely you are to develop Alzheimer’s

  • How complex is the work you do in your daily life/work life
  • Are you stimulated by the work/level of intellectual activity or are you bored.
  • How often do you use critical and analytical thinking?

Work Life

  • How stimulated are you by your work? Does it satisfy you? Could you be more challenged?
  • Do you have friends and colleagues at work?
  • Do you feel appreciated?
  • Would you like to change jobs or careers?

Setting Goals.

Assessing the various aspects of your health and wellness and lifestyle is a wonderful first step.   Review each section and write down what you want to accomplish, your goals and aspirations.  Applaud yourself in those areas that are stellar, where you already have made good choices and lifestyle habits.

Write down the steps you will take to accomplish your new goals.  Review them every quarter and once a year. Remember, writing down your goals will increase your chances of attaining them.   There is only upside to this.

And if this is overwhelming to you, too much work, too many issues, you have already learned something important. Time to ask for coaching, some expert support and involvement, some strategies to help you manage the storms and get back on track.


The material contained in this blog is for informational and educational purposes. Great efforts have been made to maintain the quality of the content.  However, it is strongly recommended that the treatment/management of any medical conditions mentioned here, should not be used by an individual/visitor of this blog, on their own, without consulting competent persons such as your doctor, or health care provider.   As always we encourage your comments on this blog or any others and hope you will join discussions.



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