With the introduction of Carebook™, we celebrate over 29 years of excellence in preventive health with a powerful new online health management system that is unique in the industry. In addition to the results of your Medisys Preventive Health Assessments, Carebook™ will include additional health surveys, curated articles on preventive medicine, and tracking from connected devices like FitBit and Withings.

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    Through Carebook™, you can access your personal health records through any Internet connected device anywhere, at any time.

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    Carebook™ lets you consolidate the fitness tracking data from activity trackers like FitBit – helping you stay motivated to reach your health goals.

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    Carebook™ includes articles and suggestions to help you make informed decisions about your diet, fitness and overall lifestyle.

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    So you can keep track of tests, exams, immunizations and the latest tips on living a healthy lifestyle.


It’s easy and we’re here to help.

Carebook™ is a great way for you to help your employees take control of their health, and getting started is easy!

All clients who have undergone Medisys Preventive Health Assessments are eligible for Carebook™, just mention it on the day of the appointment and we’ll help you get started.

Providing tools for proactive health management

Carebook™ gives your organization the tools you need to understand the health risks of your employees. It then empowers you to use this information to drive your wellness initiatives, allowing you to invest in the areas that will have the most direct impact.

For a positive health return on investment, employers need to continuously motivate and offer incentives for behavior change. Carebook’s powerful messaging system gives you the voice you need to engage your employees and promote optimal behavior change.Employees also need to see the impact their choices have and how changing them can produce direct and significant results. Since Carebook™belongs to the employee, they can constantly see how their choices affect their well-being.

As a result, your employees are more engaged, motivated and committed.


One-size-fits-all approach to corporate wellness programs results in limited employee engagement and poor return on investment.





Healthy Executives. Healthy Profits.

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