Wellness programs to drive measurable health improvement and employee engagement

We work with our clients to improve health and wellness by implementing customized plans to reduce the risk of injury, illness,and incidents. Our team of experts facilitates these plans by employing validated approaches relevant to the individual and the organization by addressing nutrition, fitness, medical, and health and safety factors.

PreventiveHealthAndWellness_250x250Medisys preventive health assessments help employees stay healthy

Our employee health & wellness services, products and programs are supported by research conducted by graduate and post-graduate researchers. Endorsed by the medical and scientific communities, we have had the opportunity to develop and present research papers such as the Grand Banks Case Study, The Value of Wellness, Obesity Prevention in Offshore Workers and Determining ROI for Offshore Wellness Programs. We are recognized as subject matter experts in the field of health and wellness and are regularly requested to speak at international conferences.

The ROI on Corporate Health Programs

Research shows that every $1 spent on employee wellness generates a $3 to $5 return on investment.*
-Healthy Workplaces and Productivity
When you identify health risks individually and provide comprehensive feedback, you empower employees to change behaviours and help them become proactive with their health.

I attended a voluntary Medisys health check as part of my company’s annual Safety Day. The nurse talked to me about my body mass index and my cholesterol and what I could do with diet and exercise to get them into a healthier range. I took her advice and within a few months I dropped 15 pounds. My energy levels have increased and that’s made a real difference to how I perform at work.
John Vedder
Manager of Distribution Operations, Public Utility

How our onsite employee wellness program works:

  • Our health professionals visit your place of work to conduct blood testing
  • Your employees receive an online feedback booklet outlining their results (available from our Health Portal)
  • Our health professionals educate your employees one-on-one about their personal health risks
  • You receive a complete aggregate report in order to build effective programs with a measurable ROI

What is tested:               

  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL cholesterol (good)
  • LDL cholesterol (bad)
  • Triglycerides
  • Glucose (blood sugar)
  • Blood pressure
  • Body mass index
  • Weight measurement
  • Neck measurement
  • Medical history
  • Metabolic syndrome assessment

The wellness program with Medisys was probably the best received employee initiative we have done all year as a company. It was very clearly worth the investment in our employees.


Each participant receives a comprehensive online feedback booklet displaying their results and customized recommendations on how they can improve their health.For you, we also provide a snapshot of your employees’ health in the form of an anonymous aggregate report.

PreventiveHealthAndWellness_250x250_03OUR EXPERIENCE HELPS YOU SUCCEED

We have developed highly effective communication tools to help maximize participation rates. We also support you throughout the program by managing the entire sign-up process via our Health Portal. You have access to real-time participation rates for all of your offices and can instantly adjust your communication strategy accordingly.

We received more positive feedback from our team about offering the health screenings than we have for any other project this year. It was very clearly worth the investment in our employees.
Tricia Hollyer
Vice President, Human Resources, PEER 1 Network Enterprises, Inc.


Our  services include injury prevention, high-risk task assessments, pre-employment fitness testing, workplace ergonomic assessment, rehabilitation therapy, fitness evaluations, personal fitness plans, and nutritional counseling.

88% of program participants felt that they had the tools needed to make changes to achieve their goals after their feedback session

Medisys employs highly qualified people with professional training in the fields of kinesiology, athletic therapy, registered dietetics, physical therapy, occupational health and safety, epidemiology, physical education and certified personal training. Several of our team members have certifications in specialty areas such as functional movement screens, soft tissue and myofascial release, joint specific biomechanics, PNF stretching, and the prevention, immediate care and recovery of injuries using a variety of modalities.

94% of program participants are “likely” or “very likely” to make a change as a result of the Employee Wellness Program.


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