The flu – a real challenge for employers

Seasonal influenza, or the flu, is a common and highly contagious infectious respiratory disease that affects the nose, throat and lungs. Influenza viruses can mutate and change rapidly, which is why a new vaccine is produced every year to protect against different circulating strains, following the OMS recommendation.

Approximately 1.5 million workdays are lost annually in Canada because of the flu, resulting in about $1 billion in healthcare and lost productivity costs, so there’s no denying that the flu represents a significant challenge for employers.

Infected individuals are typically contagious beginning one day before any symptoms develop and up to seven days after becoming sick. Because individuals can spread the flu before even knowing that they are sick, the flu travels rapidly between employees who work in close proximity.


The flu vaccine: your best shot

Flu can spread easily in the workplace. The annual flu shot is the best protection against season influenza and offering vaccination to your employees is the best way to keep them healthy and productive.

Immunization against influenza has been shown to reduce the number of deaths and hospitalizations, especially in high-risk populations such as children between 6 to 59 months, people 65 years or older, pregnant women, and those who suffer from chronic health conditions such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes, kidney diseases, etc.


Flu and COVID-19

Our communities and our economy continue to reopen; meanwhile, experts warn that the risk of a second wave of COVID-19 this Fall is real, and flu season is expected to start early in October. It is therefore important to get the flu vaccine for personal, family and community protection.

The flu vaccine will not prevent COVID-19, but it will help reduce the overall impact of respiratory illnesses and lessen the burden on our healthcare system during the pandemic.

September and early October are the ideal times to get the flu shot. We know that to reduce the risk of transmission and exposure to COVID-19, many companies are still having their employees work from home, or only welcoming a small number of employees in their workplace each day. Rest assured that our experienced team is here to help you offer a safe and efficient on-site flu vaccination campaign to your employees, without undue delay.


Medisys on-site flu vaccination campaign

Booking with Medisys, your trusted partner in protecting the health & wellness of your employees, means:

  • One of the largest provider of flu vaccinations in Canada;
  • Our preferred supplier relationships allow us to offer the quadrivalent vaccine national – and thus a better protection by adding a fourth influenza virus strain;
  • Our experienced and qualified nationwide vaccination and management teams are available to assist you with every aspect of your company’s immunization campaign – from promotional support, to in-office vaccination set up and coordination, to post vaccination follow-ups.


Book your on-site clinic

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