Biometric Assessments


Many biometric testing programs collect less sensitive data than that collected by Medisys, and rely on non-medically certified individuals for data review and interpretation. Medisys uses on-site, highly accurate and specific biometric screening tests that are efficient, cost effective and highly non-disruptive for our clients because our certified clinicians/technicians come directly to the workplace. Resultant employee health data is always reviewed, audited, and interpreted by an expert physician.


How it Works:


Biometric screenings are an effective method in identifying health risks due to unhealthy lifestyle behaviors. They can provide the necessary information and data to design intervention strategies and introduce preventive measures to reduce or mitigate these risks.


On-site biometric testing includes:


  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Blood pressure
  • Waist circumference (abdominal girth)
  • Fasting glucose/blood sugar (the amount of sugar in the blood)
  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL and LDL cholesterol level
  • Each employee receives a detailed booklet of their health results



Early detection and Intervention saves lives. Medisys’ Biometric Screening provides employees with the information and tools they need to manage their health. It also provides your HR team with aggregate data on the health of  your employee population. This enables you to focus wellness spending, track health improvements over time, and measure return on your wellness investment.


Biometric Assessments Process


Step 1)  Program dates are selected and scheduled.


Step 2)  Promotion of the program is sent to employees. The following documents are provided by Medisys:


  • Communication plan
  • Posters
  • Pamphlets


Step 3)  The on-site biometric testing program takes place.


  • In the case of instant testing, results are discussed with the employee during this appointment.
  • In the case of accurate testing, phone follow-ups with the employee take place several weeks later.


Step 4)  Personalized reports are made available through the Carebook health portal.


Step 5)  An aggregate report of program results is prepared and presented to the HR team.


Step 6)  A report of recommended follow-up activities, based on the aggregate program results, is presented.




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