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The Medisys Executive Health Program works with some of Canada’s leading companies to provide their executives with personalized, professional and convenient medical services, tailored to fit into their busy schedules. Executives can trust that a team of experts will provide a detailed evaluation of their unique health issues. The Preventive Health Assessment is an important part of the process. If a medical issue is discovered during the Preventive Health Assessment, appointments can be scheduled immediately with specialists or diagnostics at the convenience of the executive.

Canada’s only nationwide executive health program

We provide access to Canada’s most highly qualified physicians and surgeons in over a dozen specialities, giving your executives access to the most advanced healthcare services available. Our Advanced Diagnostics Centre is available for further on-site diagnostic imaging. In addition, we are the only preventive healthcare provider to offer nationwide support. Medisys operates health clinics in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Quebec City. This means that our on-demand executive healthcare services provide your leadership team with the support they need to effectively manage their health at home and on the road.

Why the Medisys Executive Health Program is more effective

Increasingly, visionary companies are opting to proactively identify and treat health issues before they become a concern. Our Preventive Health Assessments are scheduled with highly specialized physicians to evaluate for cancer and cardiac risk, vision, hearing and lung function and other high-risk lifestyle factors. Having the security of treatment by industry leading medical professionals enables your leaders to take care of their health, not only with the view to improve job performance and long-term corporate planning, but to improve their overall quality of life.

From beginning to end, the professionalism at Medisys is very evident; communication is rapid and complete and the group of personnel is warm. My colleagues and I are very pleased with Medisys Executive Health Services.


- Don McKelvie, IFPT Management


    Let our executive health experts be your guide to help reduce your health-related costs, mitigate your corporate risk and increase your profitability.

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  • Travel Well

    Medisys Travel Health Clinics offer the most advanced business travel services, with the right medical advice and protection for your destination, activities and health status.

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  • Discover Carebook™

    Through Carebook™, you can access your personal health records through any Internet connected device anywhere, at any time.

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