Virtual Care

Canadians take 2-6 days off work per year for medical appointments. Those with kids take double. Have you considered offering 24/7 virtual healthcare to your employees?



24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world.

Medisys On-Demand is a virtual healthcare app that provides 24/7, personalized medical support to your employees and their family members — allowing them to connect instantly with nurses and doctors via secure text and video chat.

Nearly 3/4 of workers are willing to trade some of their current health benefits for virtual care yet only 9% of employee benefit plans currently include virtual care coverage.




Medisys Advantage

24/7 Support

Consults any time of day or night. Answers within minutes.

Medisys Advantage

Virtual prescription

Writing and renewing of prescriptions, specialist referrals and lab requisitions.

Medisys Advantage

Health Records

Secure access to health records for consults over the app.

Medisys Advantage

Family Care

Virtual healthcare for your employees and their family members.


Healthcare at their fingertips:

your employees can access virtual healthcare anytime, anywhere.

Getting started is easy!

Medisys Steps

Step 1:

Contact us to begin


Medisys Steps

Step 2:

Receive your unique registration link


Your employees download the app using the unique link we provide.

Medisys Steps

Step 3:

Employees connect with their on-demand care team


They’ll speak directly with a doctor or healthcare professional via text or live video chat. Read our one-pager to see what can be treated virtually.

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With Canadians taking 2-6 days off per year for medical visits, and each five-minute visit taking two hours of time from the workplace, the financial benefits of adopting virtual care are significant. Moreover, 24/7 access to healthcare for employees and their families provides peace of mind and reduces stress — which plays a significant role in workplace wellness, happiness and productivity.

Companies who offer virtual healthcare solutions also report reduced absenteeism by having employees initiate healthcare earlier, before minor issues have the potential to become more serious health problems.


Reduce Absenteeism

Canadian employees with four lifestyle risk factors are absent 50% more often.

Improve Mental Health

It is estimated that 60% of workplace absenteeism is stress-related.

Recruit & Retain Top Talent

Turnover costs an additional 21% of the departing employee’s salary.

Decrease Costs

Health related absenteeism costs Canadian employers about $16 billion annually.

Technology is reshaping the future of Canadian healthcare

4.5 million Canadian residents don’t have a family doctor. Even those who do have family doctors report not always being able to get an appointment when needed.

68% of Canadians surveyed reported having skipped a scheduled doctors’ appointment or avoided seeing a doctor when they were sick because of long wait times, the inability to book appointments outside of normal work hours, and other barriers1.

With the Medisys On-Demand virtual care app, when you have a health question or concern, professional advice is at your fingertips. There is no travel, no wait times, and healthcare professionals are available to chat any time of the day or night.

Medisys On-Demand empowers your employees to be more proactive about their health, which means a healthier future for them and for your company.

1 2017 survey conducted by IPSOS, Canada’s leading provider of public opinion research