Medisys365 is a year round, on-demand, virtual executive preventive health solution.

Talk to your HR manager about adding Medisys365 ongoing care to your company’s employee health benefits program today. In addition to annual Preventive Health Assessments, clinicians are available to answer health questions, renew prescriptions, or to coordinate referrals over secure text or video chat at any time of the day or night.

Don’t wait for symptoms before seeking medical attention. Medisys365 is designed to prevent and address health risks before they become serious medical problems.

How does Medisys365 work?

  • During an annual preventive health assessment, executives will undergo a range of tests and procedures to evaluate health metrics such as cancer, cardiac and metabolic disease risk; vision, hearing, and lung function; as well as assessment of modifiable lifestyle factors and emotional stress.
  • The results of these medical evaluations are delivered through Carebook™, a personalized online health management system – which enables individuals to analyze trends and changes to their health status over time, and corporations to view anonymized, aggregate employee health data to guide programming.
  • In between annual preventive health assessments, individuals can access virtual medical support via text and video conferencing with healthcare professionals through a mobile app.
  • Medisys365 enables on-demand, convenient healthcare support when you need it, wherever you are: at home, at the office, or while travelling abroad. With Medisys365, employees can renew prescriptions, coordinate specialist referrals, receive lab requisitions, or have their health questions answered regardless of the concern: flu, sinus infections, allergies, digestive issues, and more.
  •  When in-person, medically necessary primary care physician consultations are required between annual preventive health assessments, Medisys365 participants are scheduled to see one of our physicians at any one of our executive health clinics across the country during business hours.


Medisys365 delivers an unparalleled level of on-demand virtual medical advice and ongoing support.

Note: Medisys 365 is a bundle of uninsured services provided on an on-going, annual basis. The annual program includes one Preventive Health Assessment, 24/7 on-demand virtual support by text and video chat, and concierge health services.

What’s included?

  • On-demand Secure Text, Video & Telephone consultations 24/7/365*
  • Timely appointments at any one of our Medisys executive health clinics across Canada
  • Prescription renewals depending on the type of medication¹Medical support for a range of non-emergency conditions (Cold and flu, urinary tract infections, chest or upper respiratory infections, fungal infections, acid reflux, nausea, heartburn, digestive disorders, thyroid disorders, back pain, sports injuries, travel medicine, eye issues, sinus issues, sexual health, birth control, and more)
  • Complete medical evaluation (Elite Preventive Health Assessment)
  • Comprehensive blood tests
  • Gender-specific health screening tests
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Resting and stress electrocardiograms
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Fitness assessment
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Audiometry (hearing test)
  • Tonometry (eye pressure test)
  • Ortho-rater Ishihara (vision test)
  • Spirometry (lung function test)
  • Results and feedback
  • CarebookTM: Online health management system
  • Invitation to Health Events and Seminars

1 Available in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec

*Text and Video hours vary by province

The annual Medisys365 program is invoiced on contract start date and the services can be used at any time throughout the year.





Healthy Executives. Healthy Profits.

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