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Medisys Travel Health Clinics offer the most advanced business travel services. Whether you’re travelling for a weekend or a few weeks, you want the right medical advice for your destination, activities and health status.

The travel health experts at Medisys Travel Health Clinics offer complete pre-travel health services to ensure a healthy trip and problem-free return.

We are the only national travel health provider with travel health clinics in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

The average cost of Travellers’ Diarrhea is estimated to be $1,996 for business travelers

Journal of Travel Medicine, Volume 16, Issue 1, 2009, 28–34


    The experts at Medisys travel health clinics can work with your company to identify the needs of your travelling workforce.

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    MedisysOne is the ideal complement to ourannual health assessment with 24/7 support at home or abroad.

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    When travelling, vaccines can be 70% to 99% effective in preventing a variety of diseases.

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