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We become long-standing partners with our clients and deliver tangible results that demonstrate a quantifiable return on investment. Outlined below are just some of the reasons why Medisys is different:

Physician-Guided Programming: Our world-leading physicians provide accurate interpretations of employee wellness data which is collected through highly sensitive and specific tests for health risk factors.

Service Excellence: Our expert team of doctors, registered dietitians, certified kinesiologists, and additional health practitioners provide an unparalleled level of customer service and value.

Proven Health Outcomes: We use medically validated approaches to improve employee health outcomes focusing on nutrition, fitness, medical, and psychological risk factors. We address all aspects of employee health & wellness from medical assessment to intervention and lifestyle behaviour coaching. Our philosophy is focused around prevention because early detection and early intervention improves health outcomes and mitigates long term costs.



Each year, employee absenteeism equates to an estimated $16 billion or more in direct lost revenue to Canadian employers.

- Canada, T.C.B.o., Missing in Action: Absenteeism Trends in Canadian Organizations. 2013. p. 11.


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