Wellness Monitoring & Quality Assurance

You have a diverse group of employees with unique challenges. Carebook will help you understand and better support them. It’s easy. With Carebook, you’ll see trends and risks, then be able to provide targeted, preventative solutions and programs.

Your people will be empowered to be proactive with their health and well-being. You’ll increase workforce productivity and save money.

Quality Assurance: Our wellness programming follows the ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality assurance. The system uses policies, standard operating procedures and forms to ensure consistent service delivery across the country, in a way that can be measured and monitored.

Employee & Stakeholder Surveys: To date, we have achieved the following average customer satisfaction scores from our corporate wellness clients & their employees:
97% on “Overall Satisfaction” (Employers)
99% on “Overall Satisfaction” (Employees)

Carebook empowers your employees to proactively manage their health:

Carebook is an all-in-one, personalized health solution that empowers your employees to be proactive, including:

  • Real-time health assessments
  • Medical document storage
  • Connection to health apps & devices
  • Tracking medications, appointments & goals
  • Proactive health tips & reminders
  • Privacy & Security


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Healthy Executives. Healthy Profits.

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